Our firm starting its activity in 2005 in industrial area is producing food machines in 1600 m2 -closed area with15-year-experienced. We have enough number of technique personals and engineer to manufacture high quality and large number of machines.

Our firm has the point of following the technology and flashing its advantages to our customers.Now,we can produce biscuit,wafer,chocolate and cake manufacturing machines and packaging machines,also specific ordered machines as key-ready.




  • A machine designed to produce wafer sheets.
  • It can be manufactured with 36, 40, 60 or 83 plates with size of 350x500 and 290x470 mm.
  • Carrying trolleys are specially designed.
  • Plate’s surface pattern can be manufactured plane or figured water with desired size according to requirement of a customer. 
  • Automatic sheet taking.
  • Chrome-nickel outer surface.
  • Solid main structure.
  • Inner cabin lighting.
  • Lower cleaning knives with chain system.
  • Wafer plate cleaning brushes.
  • Energy-saving over heat insulation.
  • All lids are easily opened.
  • Pneumatic back tension system.
  • Main drive with frequency-controlled reduction system.
  • Manual turning in case of power interruption.
  • Production of flat and hollow wafer sheets.
  • High quality cast plates and chrome coated surface.
  • Easy adjustment of wafer sheets’ thickness.
  • Heat-resistant grease and bearings.
  • All control parts are placed in main power panel.
  • Dough drip prevention system thanks to crawler pump.
  • Frequency-controlled dough adjustment.
  • Plate numbers for easy marking of wafer sheets.
  • Easy maintenance and lubrication.

                      Heating system

  • Suitable for propane or methane gas.
  • Gas - air mixing adjustment and safety equipments are available.
  • Automatic heat adjustment control.
  • Full automatic firing.
  • Automatic cutting at low and high gas pressure during power interruption.
  • Easily adjustable triangle baking ovens.
  • Exhaust gas eliminating fan within oven.
  • Contact-free plate surface temperature measuring.
  • Separate adjustment of lower and upper ovens.
  • Color PLC touch display.


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