Our firm starting its activity in 2005 in industrial area is producing food machines in 1600 m2 -closed area with15-year-experienced. We have enough number of technique personals and engineer to manufacture high quality and large number of machines.

Our firm has the point of following the technology and flashing its advantages to our customers.Now,we can produce biscuit,wafer,chocolate and cake manufacturing machines and packaging machines,also specific ordered machines as key-ready.





  • A system designed for cutting wafer blocks with cream spread on by steel knives or cutting wires.
  • There is transparent mica on lids in order to provide safety.
  • Initially, wafer blocks pass through the first cutting cage, and then moved to the second cutting cage.
  • Easily-changed cutting mold.
  • There are channels for cut wastes on sides of wafer blocks. 


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